Vinyl sticker that reads, "State Law Prohibits School Bus From Turning Right On Red.

School Bus - No Right On Red Stickers

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School Bus - No Right On Red Stickers will remind motorists that for safety reasons, school buses do not turn right on red.  Optional Engineer Grade Reflective material for better day and night time visibility.  A must have for every school bus and in most cases are mandated by law.  Plus, they might even stop vehicles behind you from beeping!

vinyl decal specifications.  UV and scratch resistance, Outdoor durable stickers. safety signs, parking signs, transportation signs and stickers.
Vinyl Sign
• Peel and stick installation.
(Adhesive Back) • 5 mil thick vinyl labels, 8 mil for reflective.
• Strong Adhesive backing.
• Laminated for added durability.
  • Outdoor durable-water/chemical resistant.


 Non-Reflective Sign at night Reflective Sign at night
Reflective vinyl sticker aluminum signs

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