Recycle and trash bin vinyl sign stickers.  Place these on or near containers for garbage and recycling

Recycle & Trash Label Sticker Pack

National Sign Source

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Recycle and trash bin stickers are a great way to encourage proper recycling, and reduce our impact on the planet.  Clearly mark trash cans and recycling containers with these high impact outdoor durable vinyl decals.  Sold as packages of 4, containing 2 "Trash" and 2 "Recycle" decals per pack.

vinyl decal specifications.  UV and scratch resistance, safety signs, parking signs, property signs transportation signs and stickers.
Vinyl Sign
• Peel and stick installation.
(Adhesive Back) • 5 mil thick vinyl labels.
• Strong Adhesive backing.
• Laminated for added durability.
  • Outdoor durable-water/chemical resistant.


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